Take a stroll through the leafy suburbs of Coorparoo and Bulimba in Brisbane and you may hear a lot of singing. The reason is the popularity of bathroom renovations in Bulimba and Coorparoo. Home owners are renovating bathrooms as fast as they can get bathroom renovators like Making Fine Kitchens to come and upgrade their bathroom for them. Renovations range from a simple bathroom upgrade to more extensive remodels and extensions.

Simple bathroom renovations involve updating all the existing cabinetry, tapware bath or shower with new ones. The purpose of a simple bathroom renovation is to transform the bathroom into something fresh and modern with a touch of luxury. More extensive bathroom renovations will usually involve a complete gut and redesign of the bathroom, perhaps extending the existing area to provide a more luxurious space.

In the suburbs of Coorparoo and Bulimba the older homes will either have quite small bathrooms that really need extending or quite generous size bathrooms that our crying out for a remodel. The trend in bathroom renovations is space. Space for a generous free standing tub is probably the most desired component in a bathroom renovation, closely followed by the need for a spacious shower. With space comes the option to include other luxurious items such as a steam room, hot tub, dual basins and generous storage space. Home owners are often stealing a space from a neighbouring area such as a veranda or garage to help give their bathroom that feel of luxury. If space is not available in an adjacent area then the bathroom is often relocated to an area where space is available.

Another noticeable trend in bathroom renovations in the suburbs of Coorparoo and Bulimba is adding in extra ensuites to a home. Traditionally there would only have been one main bathroom in a home. Then mid-century the ensuite bathroom off the main bedroom began to emerge. The trend now is for ensuites off more than the master bedroom. Many home owners are adding ensuites to a second or even a third bedroom. Perhaps this is due to children living at home for longer or the popularity of dual living .Also residents of Coorparoo and Bulimba tend to stay put. They have really grown to love where they live and would sooner renovate than sell up and relocate somewhere else.

Quality is the overriding factor in all bathroom renovations. Home owners love to see smooth clean lines in their bathroom. Cabinetry is often custom made to suit a particular purpose or to give a certain look. That look is understated elegance, in keeping with the period style homes that are so abundant in the suburbs of Bulimba and Coorparoo. The key to a successful bathroom renovation is careful planning coupled with experienced designers and trades. When choosing your bathroom renovator be sure to discuss all your needs and function of your bathroom with your bathroom designer and ideally visit their showroom when choosing all the elements to include. Perhaps soon we will hear singing from your bathroom too.

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The Key to Beautiful Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane. Detonate or Renovate.

Perhaps detonate is a bit of overkill but sometimes when you look at a bathroom and you are thinking of doing a bathroom renovation, the only real course of renovation is to gut the bathroom and start your bathroom design from scratch. Of course this may seem a little drastic. The natural inclination when renovating is to save money wherever possible and only renovate the parts that truly need renovating. In a bathroom you might initially try saving the bath or the basin or even the tiles. However what usually happens as you investigate further is you discover issues that just have to be addressed. For example maybe the waterproofing hasn’t been done properly or faulty plumbing reveals a leak in the bathroom wall, immediately putting a big spanner in your bathroom renovation and blowing out your budget.

The key lies in properly assessing the bathroom and enlisting an experienced designer in bathroom renovations. Before you do that it is a good idea to do a little bit of homework to determine just what it is you are wanting out of your bathroom renovation. You can do this by visiting bathroom showrooms, looking online for bathroom renovations in Brisbane and checking out decorator magazines for innovative bathroom renovations.

In Brisbane it is possible to see some beautiful bathroom renovations. The older homes around Brisbane are often in the Queenslander style. If your bathroom is in this style you will be very tempted to do your renovation in true Brisbane style and in keeping with the Queenslander feel. In all probability it may turn out that your bathroom renovation project in part becomes a bathroom restoration project. A classic example is the understandable desire to retain the original claw foot bath. As part of your bathroom renovation design what you may need to do is plan to have the bath restored before including it in your final bathroom renovation. The same is often true for the beautiful pedestal hand basins. A creative bathroom designer will be able to plan your bathroom renovation in such a way that the old and the new are blended together in both and elegant and functional way.

Some of the most beautiful bathroom renovations in Brisbane feature a modern, stylish and understated design. The aim of bathroom renovations in Brisbane should be to provide a little sanctuary for you to unwind and allow your senses to take on the beauty of the bathroom renovation. The bathroom renovation is as much about style and evoking a feeling of relaxation as it is about function. A good bathroom designer will know how to marry the two together and design a bathroom renovation that fits perfectly into any Brisbane home. All you need to do is work with your bathroom designer to ensure you have the bathroom renovation of your dreams. Enjoy.

Bathroom renovations are becoming more desirable for a whole variety of reasons. Possibly the increasing popularity of TV reality shows featuring renovations and makeovers has had the greatest impact by wetting our visual appetites with images of beautiful bespoke bathrooms finished to the highest specifications and the latest trends. TV shows such as these coupled with the plethora of information available on the internet have really shown us what can be achieved and have planted the seed in our mind, “I would love a bathroom like that?” or “I wonder what I could do with my bathroom?” In Brisbane in areas like Brookfield, there is definitely a strong trend towards renovating existing homes rather than moving on to a new one; a trend that also makes financial sense. Renovating your bathroom is a great place to start.

The question is “Where to Begin?” Most of us will have some idea about our likes and dislikes but most of us really don’t know how to go about it. Renovating a bathroom is an art. It is a about finding the right balance between function and style. We need to balance our requirements of things like storage of towels, toilet paper and toothbrush with the more aesthetic and tactile qualities of touch, tone and texture. While many of us desire a bathroom that is a akin to a day spa and a beautiful calming retreat, it is important to also plan a bathroom renovation that is very mindful of function and organisation. Naturally the style and function of your bathroom will be slightly different for each type bathroom. For example the function of a master bathroom would be quite different to a guest or family bathroom.

Bathroom Renovations Brookfield

The success of any bathroom renovation relies on proper planning. Enlisting an expert designer is essential to the success of your bathroom renovation. You need innovative and knowledgeable design experts to walk you through the design process and make your beautiful bathroom a reality. If you live in Brookfield, Brisbane, ask your design consultant to do an onsite inspection at the start of the design process. Also be sure to choose a renovations expert that uses the latest design technology, capable of doing 3D rendered drawings of your design. This makes it a lot easier for you to envisage the finished renovation and fine tune your new bathroom. Makings Fine Kitchens in Brisbane are a good example of this. They service many suburbs including the Brookfield area of Brisbane. They also have a fantastic showroom in Yeerongpilly which allows you to touch and feel the range of wonderful materials available for your bathroom renovation. In addition they offer a 10 step process which takes you through the initial onsite consultation to the final installation and guarantee.

The art of renovating a bathroom is a step by step process. While your initial contact may be with a salesperson, be sure to work with the actual designer to bring your plans to life. If you work closely with your designer and put the time into the planning process you will end up with a beautiful, bespoke bathroom adding enjoyment to your day to day life and value to your home.