Simple Ideas to Add More Storage Space in Your Kitchen & Bathroom

If you’re in the process of renovating your kitchen or bathroom, we can assist in providing you with the latest innovative ideas to maximise storage with the space available.


A trend in recent years in the kitchen is to have a more ergonomic and functional kitchen whereby the use of drawers is predominant rather than the traditional doors and shelves and having to bend down to see what is being stored. This is so that it is more ergonomic and functional within the kitchen, as the kitchen is now becoming the central place within the home particularly when entertaining. Extra storage is maximised by the use of drawers under the bench instead of doors and shelves which are difficult to access. By utilising the Blum tandembox drawers which are fully extendable and having a weight capacity of up to 65kg; as they pull out to you and you are able to utilise the full depth of the drawer. You can store items from plates, glasses, tupperware to pots and pans. By incorporating a wari corner or corner drawers in the corner cupboards allows you to have better utilisation of the corner cupboard rather than it just being an area where you store items which are rarely used.

Above the kitchen bench, storage can be maximised by having wall cabinets with Blum Aventos system which is a high quality lift up door system, which allows the door to be lifted above head height to allow easy access to shelving and not needed to be closed after each use if needed.

Purpose built pantry with adjustable shelves above and inner drawers below once again provides ample storage for both pantry items such as grocery items as well as storage for larger items in the bottom drawer such as 4L oil tins and larger appliances. The inner drawers within the pantry allows easy access to place away shopping and to view what is in stock, as opposed to just having shelves where older stock may be pushed to the back and having difficult access.


Extra storage can be incorporated within a bathroom by designing the vanity with an all drawers unit as opposed to having doors under the basin where it is difficult to access and there is a loss of storage. Mirrored or wall cabinets above the vanity allow for easy access to items stored and required on a regular basis, ie make up, deodorants, shaving equipment etc.

Also the incorporation of a linen cabinet in the bathroom is advantageous predominately in older style houses, where towels can be stored for easy access.

Linen/broom cupboards can be incorporated into any room depending upon area. These can be included in a laundry, hallway or any room and can be built to suit.. This provides easy access and storage for linen, brooms and vacuums.


Some hints to gain extra storage capacity within a wardrobe is to build the wardrobe to the ceiling thus providing you with a shelf above the hanging rail to allow for the storage of large items such as suitcases, blankets etc. By incorporating both single and double hanging rails allows more efficient use of the storage of dresses, pants, shirts and skirts. By having a combination of shelves and drawers within the robe allows for better access to items, including drawers for clothes, the installation of purpose built Belt racks, shoe racks and larger drawers for winter clothing under the hanging space or having wall dedicated to this, once again depending upon space availability.

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